Natural Collective CSA
Contact: Nick Rempel, Adam Pauls, Connor Screpnek, Derek Denolf
Address: 22117 Rd.40N,, Box 1195 Niverville , MB, R0A 1E0
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About Us
We're a small collective that farms 4 acres of vegetables just outside of Niverville MB. In an age of environmental despair we were thrilled to liberate a few acres and labor to heal a little piece of earth. We're slowly transitioning to life without tillage (half way there) and adding more trees, native plants and diversity as we provide people with quality produce.
"Spray-free" - This farm does not any chemical fertilizers or inputs in its production system but is not certified organic.

"No-till" - This farm is currently transitioning to a system of crop rotation that does not include tilling soil.

“Better Labour” - all workers on your farm receive higher than minimum wage.