Turner's Fruit and Garden
Contact: Aaron Turner
City: Altamont, MB, R0G 0A0
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About Us
We are a multigenerational farm located on the Manitoba escarpment near Altamont, Mb. Treaty 1 territory. Our family has farmed this land for over 100 years. We specialize in raspberries, asparagus, saskatoons, apples and garlic.
On our farm we use no herbicides. We do a lot of hand weeding, mulch and tillage when establishing new crops. We avoid insecticides in favour of biological controls and integrated pest management practices and use only products for certified organic growers when we require such. We use crop rotation with cover crops and green manure/Compost in favour of chemical fertilizers.We farm on the side of the Manitoba escarpment(200ft change in elevation from one corner to the other!) and are very conscious of soil erosion and water management. We irrigate with drip irrigation when necessary. We have found drip irrigation to be a great way to conserve water on our farm. We try to avoid plastic in our packaging as much as possible.