Nature's Farm
Contact: Hermann Grauer
Address: NE17-6-7E La Broquerie, mb, R0A 0W2
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About Us
Located in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, our family farm has fertile prairie acreage and a small poultry operation. Our history in food manufacturing began in 1987 when we started as a “designer–egg” wholesaler. After a number of years of careful research, and with our experience in the egg industry, we founded Nature’s Farm in 1993 and introduced Nature’s Pasta. We have also added a new line of specialty eggs – Nature’s Farm Smart Eggs – available in free run and organic varieties.

We attribute our success at Nature’s Farm to a solid work ethic and stringent adherence to best practices – rooted in respect for old–world traditions, and our dedication to a healthy world and sustainable farming. As part of our commitment to ecological sustainability and stewardship, we have developed innovative packaging that minimizes environmental impact.
Organic Certified
GAP Certified

"Pastured” or "Grass Fed" - A traditional farming technique where animals are raised on pasture rather than being fattened on a feedlot or in a confined facility.

“Antibiotic Free” – Animals must not receive antibiotics at any point in their life – from birth to death, including nursing or pregnant females.

“Free Range” – Free range animals are generally un-caged, often with access to the outdoors.