Rempel Family Farm
Contact: Jason & Kristy Rempel
Address: P.O. Box 52 RR1 St. Anne, MB, R5H1R1
Email Address:
Phone: 204-791-5453
About Us
Our third-generation farm, located in Treat 1 Territory, was started by my grandfather after he immigrated from Russia. Jason and Kristy along with his mother Marg, run the farm together. We believe that a mixed farm that focuses and manages the flow of nutrients via biological processes can reduce our environmental footprint while producing high-quality meat. Our mixed farm integrates livestock, annual crops with long rotations and perennial forages. We raise crops, pigs, goats and pastured chickens.
Our pigs are raised in barns where the temperature is comfortable all year round. We have our own feed mill that we use to make all of our rations from grain we that have grown. We do not use sub-theraputic antibiotics or growth promoters. We consider ourselves to be 99% antibiotic free. Our pig manure tested for its nutrient content and applied to our farmland. As we have transitioned to regenerative agriculture we have developed a rotation where our fields will receive manure once in three years. This allows soil microbes to grow and adapt as we build up the organic and carbon content of our soils. We use long rotations (often 3 to 5 years between seeding the same crop back to a field) and minimum tillage. We have also started to implement cover crops and intercropping in the last 3 years. Our goats are raised on pasture with controlled grazing implemented to stimulate forage growth.