Blumenfeld Creamery
Address: 106 Blumenfeld Ave Blumenfeld, MB, R6W 4A1
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About Us
Owned by Dan and Helen Reimer near Winkler, MB, Blumenfeld prioritizes fresh, old-school real farm milk taste through their low temperature pasteurization methods and their use of high-cream Jersey cow's milk. Local Jersey cow milk, low-temperature vat-pasteurization lets the milk maintain its texture and flavour of raw.Jersey cows typically have more of the A2 protein and less of the A1 protein in their milk. The A1 protein can make milk more difficult for some people to digest (lactose intolerance). Some people with a dairy intolerance find that they tolerate milk from a Jersey cow much better than other milks available. Also offering Goat's milk from Creekside Dairy in Stuartburn, MB.
Our Process:
1) We do not separate the milk from the cream, our whole milk is 4.5 - 5% Butterfat and fluctuates slightly from season to season as milk naturally does.
2) We also skip the homogenization process, this means our milk will naturally separate when it sits for a few hours, with the cream rising to the top. At this point it is up to the customer if they want to mix the cream back into the milk or skim it off to use otherwise.
3) Pasteurizing- We use a low temperature "vat" or batch pasteurizer. Milk is gently heated in a water jacketed vat to 63 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. This retains all the natural, wholesome qualities of raw milk without the risk of dangerous pathogens.
4) Bottles- We use glass bottles that the customers return for a refund. We then wash the bottles and re-fill them. Many people believe that chemicals from plastic jugs leech into the milk and therefore prefer glass bottles.