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About Us
10 years ago Erna Kracher and her husband Franz moved to Canada from Austria in 2005 to farm. When we started farming in 2006, we wanted to have our land certified organic. Since then it has been inspected and certified every year. We’ve also since purchased another historic school house slated for destruction which we use for packaging and storage. We developed packaging and labeling to sell our own farm products. The new renovated schoolhouse was inspected and approved as a food processing facility. Today our farm has grown to over 700 acres of land and 1/3 of it we have exclusively dedicated to wildlife and their habitat.
Certified Organic. Camelina seed is an oil seed, and an ancient crop from Northern Europe. It is adaptable, and has a shorter growing season which makes it well suited for our climate in Manitoba. It has a healthy omega 3-6-9 ratio and is also rich in vitamin E. After harvest, the camelina seed is stored, cleaned, and put through our expellar cold press which we imported from Europe.