Spring Creek Farm
Contact: Jacqueline Chamberlin
Address: River St Cypress River, MB, R0K 0P0
Email Address:
Phone: 204-743-2223
About Us
Andy and Jessica took over Cypress Meats and More and the family farm from their step father in 2016. It then changed names to Spring Creek Farm Inc. we have had a lot of challenges and changes in the last 4 years but we now have a brick and mortar business located in Cypress River. We are moving away from raising, butchering and selling our own animals to supporting and encouraging other local farmers to focus on more holistically raised and regenerative land practices. We are beginning to purchase other grass fed, pastured and heritage animals from other local farmers, giving them a better price and steady market for their animals.
“Better Labour” - all workers on this farm receive higher than minimum wage.

“Pastured” or "Grass Fed" - A traditional farming technique where animals are raised on pasture rather than being fattened on a feedlot or in a confined facility.

“Free Range” – Free range animals are generally un-caged, often with access to the outdoors.

“Heritage Breeds” – Traditional breeds of animals that were raised for food in the past, but their numbers dwindled during the rise of industrial agriculture.

Holistic Management and Regenerative Farming